Drinking Green Tea And Coffee Could Reduce Stroke Risk

Drinking Green Tea And Coffee Regularly Has Shown To Lower Stroke Risk

Drinking Green Tea And Coffee Regularly Has Shown To Lower Stroke Risk

A new study has discovered that drinking green tea and coffee on a daily basis could help lower the risk of having a stroke.

This is the only study to research the combined impact of green tea and coffee in connection with stroke risk on a big scale.

The study followed 83,269 Japanese adults over an average of 13 years which observed their green tea and coffee intake. The study showed that there was a lower stroke risk in relation to the more green tea or coffee that was regularly consumed.

Those who had one cup of coffee every day had around a 20% less risk of a stroke in comparison to people who rarely or never drank coffee. Also, those who had two or three cups of green tea every day had a 14% less risk of a stroke and people who had four cups or more had a 20% reduced stroke risk in comparison with those who hardly had it.

The study also looked at Intracerebral Hemorrhage risks, which is when a blood vessel ruptures and blood disperses on to the brain. Those that drank a minimum of one cup of coffee or two cups of green tea a day had a 32% less risk in comparison with those who barely had either of the drinks.

The study consisted of participants of equal genders who were between 45 and 74 years old which hadn’t had any kind of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Researchers examined individuals medical records and death certificates and collected data about strokes, heart disease and causes of death during a 13 year follow up. They modified their discoveries to factor in age, sex and lifestyle habits such as weight, diet and exercise, alcohol and smoking.

They found the people who drank green tea were more likely to exercise regularly compared to those who did not drink green tea. There has been previous research that has linked green tea to reduced risks from heart disease, but there has been little research and inconsistencies with regards to green tea and coffee in relation to stroke risk.

Regularly drinking tea and coffee mostly benefits cardiovascular health as it helps stop the formation of blood clots.

It’s still uncertain how green tea has a positive effect on stroke risk. A flavonoid compound called catechins may offer protection. Catechins has the ability to lower the activity of radicals, that can modify DNA which can lead to serious conditions.

Another chemical in coffee that could be responsible for these positive affects is chlorogenic acid. The leading researcher stated that further research could demonstrate exactly how the relationship between coffee and green tea might reduce stroke risk.