Meditation Can Lower Risk Of Stroke

Transcendental Meditation Has Shown To Significantly Reduce Stroke Risk

Transcendental Meditation Has Shown To Significantly Reduce Stroke Risk

A new study which was published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes has found that patients with heart disease who practiced Transcendental Meditation regularly over a 5 year period were at a 48% less risk of getting a stroke, heart attack in comparison with those who did not practice any meditation.

People who were practising meditation also saw their blood pressure levels drop and noticed less stress and feelings of anger. Researchers stated that the more regular the patients meditated, the better their chance was of not getting a stroke or heart attack.

The Lead researcher also went on to say that reducing stress by managing the mind and body connection would greatly improve the rates of such conditions.

Transcendental Meditation appears to act as the body’s own pharmacy which helps the body to repair and maintain itself without the need of any medication.

Meditation used within the stress reduction programme showed to significantly reduce stroke and heart disease risks. Practicing meditation noted a better overall health among┬áheart patients compared to patients who didn’t.

The lead researcher concluded that Transcendental Meditation may help reduce heart and stroke risks for normal healthy people and also help people with existing conditions.