Stroke RehabilitationWhen a person has had a stroke it will completely change their life as over 30% will have a physical and mental disability. A stroke can also have a massive effect on the family and people who will be caring for the person which can be an emotional and physical job.

Recovery Process

The stroke recovery process starts while the patient is in hospital. After the treatment of the stroke, a doctor will put a stroke rehab plan together to help the patient get their normal functions back so they can live independently.  Depending on what type of stroke the patient has had, there are a number of complications that a person may experience such as lack of movement on one side of the body, speech problems, difficulty in balance and hearing, breathing and swallowing and also problems with vision and bladder control.

The stroke team will organize a rehabilitation program that is built around a number of factors which include level of disability from the stroke, age, general health, lifestyle and available carers. Every stroke rehabilitation program is different as it may be carried out in a number of places like the hospital, outpatient building, and private nursing unit or from the patient’s own home.


Every patient’s stroke recovery time is different, so it is best to get support from as many professionals as possible. There are a wide range of people that a stroke victim could deal with on the road to recovery which includes Physiotherapy, Neurologist, Skilled Nurses, Stroke Speech Therapy and Physical Therapy, Dieticians and Psychiatrists. All of these people can help a patient recovering from a stroke and achieve a normal life again.