Anti-depressants Lead To Better Stroke Recovery

Anti-depressants Have Shown To Help With Stroke Recovery

Anti-depressants Have Shown To Help With Stroke Recovery

Findings from a new study suggests that stroke victims can aid their recovery with the help of anti-depressants.

The Research from the Cochrane Library states that stroke patients can take advantage of the benefits even if they have not been diagnosed with depression.

The study was made up of 52 cases which included 4,000 patients. They found that the intake of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) reduced depression and disability in patients that suffered from a stroke.

The anti-depressants may reduce physical disability and dependence along with depression and anxiety in their first year post stroke. This is due to the drugs protecting damaged cells and encouraging the growth of new nerve cells within the brain by protecting damaged cells.

Also by combating depression it may help patients to be more physically active.

Researchers stated that while these results are positive, they do not fully understand how SSRI’s can help with brain recovery after a person has had a stroke.

The use of anti-depressants have been used successfully to relieve depression for many years. Now it appears that they also aid the brain to a greater recovery from the physical disabilities after a stroke.