Help after a Stroke

Stroke SupportPeople who have been affected by a stroke can find help and support in a number of ways. Survivors of a stroke often need help in adapting to their life being changed dramatically. Guidance and assistance can improve the quality of life for stroke victims.


Stroke patients can find support from people who have been in the same situation through stroke support groups. These groups usually have regular meetings with activities so people can gain confidence, share experiences and keep active and be social.

Stroke support groups are normally run by volunteers and meet at places designed for the needs of people with disabilities. Mainly these groups rely on donations and often have fundraising events to raise money and to spread the word of their organization.


Finances can be a real worry for people who have had a stroke. Below is some information to help with money worries:

  • Some stroke organizations offer grants to be used for essential needs. Contact your social worker or local council to find out more information.
  • If the stroke victim was working before they had a stroke, then they may be entitled to welfare benefits. Contact the local welfare office or council for more information.

Social Services

Social services can come to a stroke victim’s home and assess their needs and give guidance in certain areas. They can help with things such as changes to a home to make it more adaptable and organizing a carer for assistance, home services and day center places.

Sometimes it is not possible to care for someone at home; therefore a social worker can help with finding other accommodation alternatives and care options.