New Evidence In Stem Cell Stroke Treatment

New Developments In Stem Cell Therapy Could Help Stroke Victims

New Developments In Stem Cell Therapy Could Help Stroke Victims

Two studies which were published recently provide further evidence of the potential of stem cells to lessen the disabilities of a stroke.

The first study which is from a journal called Cell Transplantation, clearly demonstrates the generation of new blood and restoring damaged blood vessels in the brain which has been damaged due to a stroke, through a process called angiogenesis.

The second study which was in a publication called PLOS ONE carries out stem cell analysis on rodents. It shows stem cells actively maintain and promote the growth of neurons in the brain after stroke. This contributed to the overall therapeutic effect of the stem cells.

A company called ReNeuron is leading the way in the research of the use of these stem cells in stroke victims and are carrying out the first human trials in Glasgow, United Kingdom. The Results so far have been encouraging.

The results from these studies provide more significant evidence about the potential of these stem cells to help reduce the disabilities of a stroke.

These studies help to see the potential of stem cell therapy and understand how beneficial these cells could be.

There is already a sizable amount of published work that strongly supports the ongoing clinical development of stem cells in stroke which may be used for other conditions where the stem cells may have a beneficial therapeutic impact.