Suffering From A Stroke May Result In Memory Loss

Stroke May Cause Memory Loss

Stroke May Cause Memory Loss

A new study has found that 37 percent of people will get memory loss or dementia after a brain stroke. The study showed that over 70 percent of patients developed a brain disorder, where 30 percent suffered from dementia and over 40 percent developed cognitive impairment.

The study consisted of 50 patients in total who all had acute stroke. There were 32 men and 18 woman, who were evaluated at stages of one week, 3 months and 12 months after the stroke. Researchers used a range of tests which included National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale to measure the severity of the stroke, cognitive level previous to stroke using SIC code and functional status to measure performance in daily activities. All the tests were carried out again every following visit. A CT scan was also carried out at one week and 12 months.

Out of the 50 patients tested, 37 suffered from infarctions (tissue death) and 13 had hemorrhages. Memory tests were carried out by neurologists who found 42 percent from learning problems and 30 percent had suffered from dementia.

A researcher stated that the rate of cognitive problems was higher in elderly men with low education and also who suffered from hemorrhages.

Problems with cognitive ability after a stroke is very high and usually improves over time. Being aware of the risk factors and managing them like keeping blood pressure and sugars low, stopping smoking, not using drugs and exercising regularly will help.

Strokes are a serious medical emergency. Every second counts. The longer the blood flow is not getting to the brain, the more chance of damage. Getting treatment within 4 can save a person life and greatly boost their chance of a successful recovery.

Strokes are the second leading cause of death for people over 60 years and the fifth leading cause in those aged between 15 and 59. Every year, nearly 6 million people die from a stroke.