New Evidence In Stem Cell Stroke Treatment

Two studies which were published recently provide further evidence of the potential of stem cells to lessen the disabilities of a stroke. The first study which is from a journal called Cell Transplantation, clearly demonstrates the generation of new blood and restoring damaged blood vessels in the brain which has been damaged due to a […]

Hemorrhagic Stroke Treatment

Treatment for a hemorrhagic stroke attempts to stop bleeding and to minimize pressure on the brain. Below are medicines and surgery which are effective in how to treat a hemorrhagic stroke. If the patient already takes drugs to prevent blood clots such as warfarin or clopidogrel, they could be given blood product transfusions to┬áneutralize the […]

Ischemic Stroke Treatment

There must be immediate action for the treatment of ischemic stroke as blood flow needs to be restored to the brain. The main objective is to remove the blood clot that is stopping the blood flow to the brain. Fast treatment will improve chance of survival and reduce complications post stroke. Blood Clot Breakdown Emergency […]